Awakening from Alzheimer's
Over the last week, I had the opportunity to watch an amazing and informative series on brain health titled "Awakening from Alzheimer's". This series included in depth discussions about food, nutrition, exercise, sleep and the brain's ability to protect and recover from cognitive decline. Many of the doctors interviewed agreed that Alzheimer's should be a preventable disease and that it should also be a rare disease. So why isn't it?

It's because most people don't love their brain! People love their skin, their hair, their eyes, their hands, their get the picture. But just because we can't physically see our brain doesn't mean that we shouldn't love it. After all, the brain is the center control of the entire body...if the brain starts to fail, then so will everything else!

The major risk factors for cognitive decline that all of the experts in brain health agreed upon were an unhealthy diet (lack of essential nutrients),a sedentary lifestyle, depression, diabetes, smoking, alcohol abuse and poor sleep quality.

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