Our Story

Health IS Wealth® is a brain longevity and anti-aging focused company

Founded in 2017, we are a proudly Canadian natural health products corporation headquartered in Surrey, BC Canada. Health IS Wealth formulates innovative and synergistic natural health supplements to help individuals improve brain longevity, overall wellness and quality of life.

Our 3 core MEND products BrainMEND®, GutMEND®, and SleepMEND® were formulated to work in unison to have the greatest potential to lessen the risk of dementia. Our 2 additional products LION’S MANE and COLLAGEN further optimize the immune system and promote healthy aging.

Health IS Wealth products are custom blends of powerful nutrients, such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals and herbs, that are extensively researched and sourced from the highest quality, purest and most effective raw ingredients. Our supplements are locally manufactured and the final product is extensively lab tested to exceed Health Canada quality standards.

Our natural health products are available online and in retail stores. Click on the Stores tab to find a retail location near you!


About Us

Health IS Wealth is founded on a combination of tragedy, passion and scientific savvy. It was created by Sunny Rodhey who is a reputable Scientist with a vast knowledge of traditional herbs and unique ingredients as well as an academic background and professional experience in the fields of biochemistry and toxicology. 

After several diagnoses of Alzheimer's and related disorders in his immediate and extended family, Rodhey turned tragedy into an impact-driven business.

His father, an aunt and two uncles were diagnosed with Alzheimer's and/or Parkinson's over the last 18 years. Sadly, Rodhey’s father and uncles have passed away.

These tragedies served as motivation and inspiration to research and formulate our first product -  BrainMEND®: a safe, innovative and effective natural health product recommended to support cognitive health, brain function and memory improvement. 

The name of our company, Health IS Wealth, was chosen as a powerful statement and crucial reminder that there is no greater wealth than health; without health there is no quality of life. 

Our Mission - Health IS Wealth is dedicated to using advanced research to formulate innovative and synergistic natural health products of the highest quality to help individuals improve their cognitive health, overall wellness and quality of life.

Our Values - represent the guiding principles that are most important to us: H.E.A.L.T.H. stands for Honesty, Excellence, Accountability, Loyalty, Transparency and Harmony!

Giving Back - Health IS Wealth is dedicated to supporting the Alzheimer Society of Canada and donates 5% of annual profits toward their programs helping patients, families and caregivers and their global effort in the research and development of a cure for this devastating disease that robs a person's memory and leads to the destruction of everyday functioning and quality of life. 


The Science Behind It

The idea for our series of Health IS Wealth MEND products is based upon a highly innovative therapeutic protocol to potentially prevent or reverse cognitive decline. It involves multiple components designed to achieve Metabolic Enhancement for Neurodegeneration (MEND).

MEND incorporates dietary adjustments (eliminating processed foods and simple carbs and eating more fruits, vegetables and fish), stress reduction, hormone balance, exercise programs, sleep optimization, plus the integration of varied cognitive activities and certain vitamins, supplements and herbs to an individual's regular routine.

Our proprietary Health IS Wealth MEND products BrainMEND®, GutMEND®, SleepMEND® plus LION’S MANE and COLLAGEN blend specific nutrients that research shows as having the most potential to support brain, sleep, immunity, digestive, and anti-aging health. 

Health IS Wealth products are scientifically formulated based on human clinical studies and contain powerful nutrients that were extensively researched to prepare the best combination of ingredients that were developed into proprietary blends. We procure only high-quality raw materials that are GMP certified & quality assured, vegetarian, gluten free, GMO free and organic wherever possible. Our formulations are licensed, approved and authorized for sale by Health Canada.