Meet Our Founder

sunny rodhey founder & ceo health is wealth naturals wellness company 


Sunny Rodhey is the man behind Health IS Wealth®.

He is passionate about health and wellness. He lost his father and two uncles to Alzheimer’s disease and these tragedies led to the launch of the Health IS Wealth® brand in 2017.

Sunny recognized the need for sufficiently dosed, synergistic multi-ingredient natural health products containing traditional and western nutrients. He utilized his knowledge and experience as a Scientist to create the Health IS Wealth line of natural health products to work in unison to help improve brain longevity and delay the aging process.

Sunny holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC, Canada) and a Master’s degree in Forensic Chemistry / Toxicology from Pace University (New York, NY, USA). He is the recipient of an Educational Research Award from the Society of Forensic Toxicologists (Mesa, AZ, USA) for his work in analyzing traditional medicinal products for heavy metals using analytical instrumentation.

Sunny is a practicing Scientist with 15 years of experience in Analytical Chemistry. He specializes in investigating natural, OTC, prescription and illicit drugs/poisons in various biological matrices using advanced laboratory extraction and instrumental techniques.