Get Serious About Brain Health!
Today, February 3rd marks the anniversary of our father's passing from Alzheimer's disease. There are not enough words to describe how great of a father he was; an influential accomplished author, philanthropist and modest gentleman who was always smiling. Our father's diagnosis and progressive health deterioration was an eye opener of how precious life is, how precious health is and how quickly it can change. This is why we chose our company name as "Health IS Wealth".

The key is to take care of yourself right now. Once cognitive dysfunction symptoms become apparent, it becomes harder to keep your brain function from declining. Risk reduction and prevention are key to aging more slowly and keeping your health intact.
Follow the 6 pillars of dementia / Alzheimer's prevention:
1. Regular exercise
2. Social engagement
3. Mental stimulation
4. Stress management
5. Quality sleep
6. Healthy diet & supplementation
BrainMEND contains a powerful 9 ingredient blend to detoxify your body by providing antioxidants to eliminate harmful free radicals and reduce inflammation. The vitamins and herbs will get your brain firing on all cylinders. Your focus, energy and attention should improve and memory will improve over the long term. You’ll be feeling like you’re a decade younger.
If you haven't already tried BrainMEND, try it today for brain and memory improvement!

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